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WeBe++ Bluetooth HID Mouse & Keyboard

WeBe++ Bluetooth HID Mouse & Keyboard

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WeBe++ is an iPhone/iPad/iPod application that emulates a Bluetooth HID mouse & keyboard. It provides all the functions of a real Bluetooth mouse and keyboard in your pocket! Use it with your PS3 / Mac / PC!

New in 1.1

PS3 buttons added
AppleTV support (navigation)
Control iPad with iPhone and vice versa (BTstack Mouse and Keyboard)
Use PS3 arrowkeys for PC and Mac

WeBe++ runs on all mobile iOS devices. To use WeBe++ as a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you need a jailbroken* device. On such a device, it can be purchased and installed from the Cydia package manager application.

*To jailbreak your iOS device, please follow the instructions described here:
iClarified (Windows)
iClarified (Mac)

Start up WeBe++ and press the “Start WeBe++” button. Now WeBe++ activates the open-source Bluetooth Stack (btstack.org) and you can activate the device discovery on your Mac/PC/PS3 to pair with your iOS device.

After the successful pairing, the complete screen of your iOS device serves as a trackpad. On the trackpad, you will see two icons: the keyboard icon and an icon to disconnect. Press the keyboard icon to show and hide the on-screen keyboard. The trackpad supports single and double taps, while two finger swipes are sent as vertical and horizontal panning gestures. A double finger tap serves as right mouse click. See the Help section in the main view for more details.


Windows & Mac OS X & PS3 (or any Bluetooth capable device)
WiFi, Bluetooth, USB
Touchpad (full screen, portrait & landscape mode)
Keyboard (portrait & landscape mode)
Move mouse pointer
Left click, right click, double-click, horizonal / vertical scrolling
Choose a background image or color as mousepad – especially on Retina Display!
Adjust mouse speed
Use WeBe++ in Bluetooth HID mode (recommended) or with the WeBe Server (WiFi (adhoc or router), Apple Bluetooth tethering, […]