Project Description

This Bible reading and chat program was programmed by one user for other users. If you are reading the Bible and want to compare the same passage with another language or another translation, you can do it very conveniently and quickly. Copy Bible verses and send them directly by e-mail or SMS! The whole system has been translated into three languages. Depending on the default language set in the iPhone, the program will automatically appear in the corresponding system language.

Reading and studying the Bible is very convenient. A click (with three fingers) on the surface brings up a semi-transparent options and navigation palette. On this palette, you can adjust the font size and switch to the next or previous chapter with a swipe. Tapping the display twice (double-click with three fingers) brings up a second navigation (the first one is hidden), which can be used to skip several chapters very quickly.
Furthermore, the program remembers every place where the user was last. When the program starts, this state is restored and the user can continue reading there accordingly.

The full text search does not need an internet connection and works everywhere. It is executed directly on the iPhone and with the help of this function, parts of words, words or whole sentences can be found in the Bible. The search spectrum is divided into the New Testament and the Old Testament. When clicking on a search result on the list, the user is taken directly to the corresponding place and the place is highlighted so that the user can clearly see where it occurs in the text. The search performs a query in the translation that is currently active. This makes it easy to compare translations and languages.

WorldForum / Chat
This program is unique and distinguished by the fact that it is the only Bible program that also provides a live chat for free, where users of this software can send instant messages to each other over the Internet or discuss a topic with entire groups of users. This area is revised and maintained without the user having to update his software.

UPDATE available now!

Version 1.2 with new functions:

Update for iPhone OS 3.0
Copy bible verses and send them directly by email or SMS
To access the navigation, tap the Bible text once or twice with three fingers
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